Health history form

Health History Analysis

Forget the standard health forms. I want as much detail as you can provide, so you can tell me your whole story. Why? Because that helps me put together what's actually going on. You won't find this kind of attention in many other places.

Meal plans

Health Plan Development

Next, together we implement a plan of attack that hopefully does two things right out of the gate:

  1. helps to mitigate any signs/symptoms that need to be handled right away, and
  2. begins to build a foundation for the body's natural healing to take over.

Friendly, Continuous Support

I'm not like other health professionals. I actually want to hear from you frequently as you navigate these new waters. I'm here to support you, provide professional guidance, and track your results over time. All the while, I'll be educating you on how your body works and nudging you to expand your horizons.

Since 1993

I Work with Health-Challenged and Motivated People Who Want to Pursue Alternatives to Conventional Medicine

  • The system is rigged against preventive and sustainable health; therefore, it's rigged against YOU.
  • Doctors, drugs and surgery treat disease, but they often don't make you better or healthier. I help foster health, wellness and well-being.
  • The health care system thrives on massive dollar infusions in limited windows of patient interaction. I spend hours at much lower costs to work with you as an individual.
  • My low overhead permits me to deliver more service and more kinds of services that benefit you as a whole person.
  • I coordinate care with your chosen health professionals and provide referrals as needed, as other modalities of medical care are often necessary.
  • I would not ask you to do something that I would not do myself.

Have questions?

Restoring health is quite the journey. It's important to form a powerful, constructive relationship.