• Education:
    B.S. in biology (University of Pittsburgh)
    M.S., HNFM (Master of Science in Human Nutrition
    and Functional Medicine, University of Western States,
    Portland, Oregon)
  • NOT a doctor — although I will work with yours if needed or requested.
  • Committed like crazy to your health.
  • Infinitely curious and interested in many things, functional medicine and nutrition being two of the most important.
  • Wife, and two kids, now grown up!
  • Have several (4) cats who are somehow good and bad simultaneously – as, I think, most pets are.
  • Was “medically underserved” numerous times; my journey into natural approaches to health began in the early ‘80s.
  • Have run ten marathons, and over a dozen half-marathons. In other words, I know what it’s like to go beyond that which is comfortable!
  • I’m a Certified Gluten Practitioner™, so I can answer all your questions about that confusing topic if the need arises.
  • Vices (other than cats): coffee, dark chocolate.
  • I’m the grocery shopper and the cook in the family, and I specialize in gluten- and dairy-free cooking.
  • I have a great PCP, two functional medicine practitioners, several phenomenal chiropractors and a medical acupuncturist all looking after me. I tell them all the latest stuff but never seem to get around to billing for my time (!).
  • I’m a great resource in case you need to be seen medically or for some very specific therapies I either ­cannot do or am not legally allowed to do.
  • I do limited gardening because of limited sunlight. The little I do makes me very happy. I do well with herbs and spices. Success with vegetables is limited.

Our Approach

Our Story

My Story

I get my kicks out of helping people dig out from the frustrating world of chronic disease primarily through nutrition and appropriate supplementation. Supplements can include vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, herbs and herb combinations, amino acids, probiotics, prebiotics, etc.

My story is a long and probably not all that exciting for the most part. What's important is YOUR story. What's going on with you? What are you frustrated by? What would you like to accomplish?

Knowing these things about you sets me on the path to find out what's probably going on with your health and how, over time, we can begin to make progress together.

Next Steps...

Before doing business, I request a free interview to make sure we're a good fit. This can be done in person, preferably at a place that's mutually convenient, but we can also talk by phone. The best way to be in touch is through a very simple web form, which you can access by clicking the button to the right.