Find the Root Causes of Your Health Issues

You'd be surprised to know that the origin and worsening of your symptoms might have nothing to do with what you think they are. Diagnoses come from somewhere.

Help to Restore Health and Reverse Bad Trends

Traditional medicine mostly requires a diagnosis before tests are ordered and medicine or surgery is recommended. Under my care, we work to intervene on issues that might be developing.

Provide Health Support and Track Progress

Everyone is different, and my approach is customized to your concerns. Testing and interventions are implemented and tracked to help you in the best way possible.


Diet and Nutritional Support

Most often, people need nutritional recommendations in order to accomplish their health goals. Sometimes they're easy, but in many cases they're not and require some practical workarounds. From meal planning to food selection to food preparation and cooking, I can help make things much easier than if you had to implement recommendations on your own.

Medication Reduction / Elimination

Traditional medicine is replete with prescription medication — “a pill for every ill,” it's often quipped. In a deteriorating state of health, people often find that one med leads to another, and another, and another... All drugs have side effects, some of which can cause dangerous interactions and even disastrous consequences. If you are interested in potentially reducing your dependence on the medicines you have been prescribed, we can proceed down that path. (I only do so with the permission of your physician, since I'm not one.) Sometimes herbs and other supplements alone can be used to assist in this process, but most times we have to also couple this with a diet-and-lifestyle approach.


Arrange for a Complementary Assessment

What would you like to accomplish? What have you been dealing with that you would like some assistance with? What are you committed to? Let's talk and see if we're a good fit. The initial consultation is complementary.